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More Amazing Acts!

We are only a few weeks away from the festival, and we are thrilled to announce that Montreal’s Easy Action will be performing on closing night! These guys create a live action movie on the spot that has to be seen to be believed. Plus we’ve got Grinders — three cutting-edge performers from Montreal’s Théâtre Sainte-Catherine — and more.

Easy Action (Montreal)

Featuring: Marc Rowland and Brent Skagford

Easy Action is a two-man improvised tale created in the moment. They combine precise physical work, child-like play and high emotional stakes to create stories to delight any audience.

Grinders (Montreal)

Featuring: Sandi Armstrong, Alain Mercieca and Heidi Lynn Weekes

Grinders Improv is a group of seasoned improvisers from Theatre Ste-Catherine whom believe that if you don’t rip your soul out every time you are on stage you have failed. From Sunday Night Improv, the longest running Montreal improv show, these improvisers come from Second City, Loose Moose and have formed their own grammar around the love of risk, good times, and throwing it all against the wall to see what sticks.

Quest Friends Forever (Ottawa)

Featuring: Nicole Bedford, Rich Hilborn, Angus MacDonald, Colleen Wang, Matt Whalley and Chris Hannay

Five adventurers (and a Dungeon Master) are Quest Friends Forever, the Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired comedy show where the audience controls the adventure with a roll of the dice. It’ll be funny, it’ll be silly, it’ll be heartfelt and it. Will. Be. EPIC.

Mess Hall (Montreal)

Featuring: Adam Berckmans, Kate Bradley, Stacy Gagnidze, Phil Gourdeau, Christian Hudon, Jiva Kalan, Paul Piro and Stefan Spec

Mess Hall is a Harold team from Montreal. They are named after a place where people eat although they don’t serve food at their shows. They serve laughter, which is healthier.

 Stay tuned for even more incredible acts!